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The progressive developments in the medical industry are vast and quickly evolving. Quantronic is 13485 certified with a rigorous quality process to ensure reliability in producing products to the exact specification and adapt for upgrades to meet industry demands....

  • 13485 Certified.
  • Lot Traceability to component level.
  • Engineering team design support.
  • Quality control processes every step of the way.

Diagnostic and preventative equipment is at the top of these emerging trends and will take on significant roles. Our expertise includes servicing the unique demands of the medical industry and high-quality standards, including working with your engineering team of component level life span into your device designs.


The global impact of the manufacturing sector, specifically the industrial are gearing towards environmental consciousness and economic awareness—Quantronic experience in producing a wide range of industrial, high-end products economically and eco-consciously...

  • ISO 9001 Certified.
  • Fully automated surface mount and through-hole assembly lines.
  • In house CNC machinery.

Experienced with these emerging trends, we continuously prepare ourselves for these fast-growing technologies. From humidity, temperature, and water monitoring devices to highly integrated controllers and complex machines, Quantronic is vastly capable in producing a wide range of industrial, quality PCBs and products.


The evolving trends in the information technology industry have had a significant social, cultural, and economic impact on future society. Quantronic works closely with new technologies products and will continue to maintain an active role in the advancement in this dynamic industry...

  • IPC Class 3 standard capabilities.
  • Custom Test fixture development and testing.
  • Next-Gen upgrade capabilities.

Computing & Data Storage Technologies

An integral element of the information technology sector, the data storage industry encompasses data security, artificial intelligence for IT operations, rack-scale designs, storage-based processing. Quantronic experience in rapid change helps companies keep up with the latest data storage market trends...

  • BGA, Micro-BGA, and X-ray machine capabilities.
  • Quick-turn assembly services.
  • Multiple board assembly cost reductions.

Quantronic’s philosophy attention to detail every step of the way, which allows us to build a customized service plan for each customer, ensuring successful project execution with precision.

Plan Four Easy Steps

Once the project is approved, state of the art ERP system Global shop solutions initiates efficient and reliable processes for high quality, low-cost manufacturing. We improve your productivity and simply your supply chain for efficiency; this increases your product value,quality while reducing cost.
Identify project details, secure and confidential documentation handling of propriety designs. Simply supply specifications such as BOM, Gerber with Netlist, and Assembly drawings to get started. We take the stress out of tight budgets and timelines by supporting you with our experience of assembling electronic circuit boards.
Our management team keeps a firm handle on all costs and processes, working closely with our continuous improvement team to deliver reliable products and proven tangible results.
Receive a comprehensive project and service plan, budget, and timeline options to fit complex manufacturing projects. The plan includes possible component issue detection, BOM scrubs, and other risk-analysis. We simplify the cost-value decision-making process by providing precise and straightforward project plans.


Dedicated to providing our customers with services and products that exceed industry standards to improve their efficiency and profitability.




Safety is our number one priority, and we took action well before state mandated protocols. Our extensive preventative measures where well in place before the Covid-19 pandemic.

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ROHS Lead Free

Quantronic maintains a pro-active approach in assisting customers with RoHS compliance and conversions.

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With over twenty-five years of being a leader in the electronic assembly industry, we understand our biggest success story relies on our people.

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